Conditions of use

Conditions of use: 1 - Application: to. These terms of use are intended to govern the contractual relationship between us, namely Malagasy service bearing the registration number: 10576564 and you, ie the client, defined below as s site user In making its entry on the website Emadex.BIZ the customer and accept these terms of use, including the purchase of products, the purchase of vouchers and all the services that the company offer. We considéront as a customer of our organization, the person making the order and pays. The recipient n is therefore not our customer and unless the recipient s sender only form that one person. b. These terms of use specify in particular the conditions of order, payment, delivery and management of any reimbursements of customer orders. c. The customer can simply consult freely and at any time these Terms of Use by clicking on the "terms of use". Thus, any order placed by a customer will involve s final and irrevocable agreement of the customer s all the conditions of use set out below. 2 - Take Control mode: d. If the customer wishes to order, he will fill, according to the indications which are provided online, a form made available where it will include the information necessary for identification, including its name, address, telephone number and email. It will also complete the information needed to identify the person to whom we should deliver. It is thus responsible for the veracity of the information give Malagasy service. e. The customer validates his order, in order to a summary displayed on the screen and clicking; to demonstrate its commitment and acceptance of the conditions of use. From that moment the order is registered and is irrevocable from her. f. Any order placed with Malagasy service by s through its website, will be confirmed to the client s sending s an email order confirmation as soon as possible. g. No cancellations will be accepted without s prior approval of the company Malagasy service. h. Photos and descriptions of the offers can be changed at the discretion of the company Malagasy service. Prices may also be changed: they can change at any time and no technical or even typographical error may not entitle to a claim by the customer or can not engage the responsibility of the company Malagasy service. i. Malagasy service advises customers who order on its website s record or print a copy of the order s receipt of the order confirmation email sent to the customer by the company Malagasy service. 3 - Payment: j. All purchases made on the site are payable on order. This means that no product could be shipped to a customer if it s not set in advance 100% of the proceeds of the sale price and any related delivery charges. k. So that no dispute about the amounts paid by the customer can not occur, Malagasy service always send the customer a confirmation s registration of the order. l. Malagasy service reserves the right to suspend any order and any delivery in case of refusal s authorization of payment by credit card and or other payment by certified financial institution or in case of non-payment and or fraud and prosecute the perpetrator or perpetrators of the latter. m. Malagasy service specifically reserves the right to refuse s delivery or s an order from s customers who don has not fully paid a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is being d administration. n. Any delay in payment from s rejection of the initial payment by credit card or s another factor will generate an increase in amounts due to the application of late penalties equal to the base rate plus 4 points and applicable from the day of delivery and application s penal clause. o. Malagasy service reserves the right to pursue all attempts to use of fraudulent means of payment and or adjust the fraudulent payment disputes or attempted fraudulent payment to amicably for a customer to pay the amount of more charges of any records. Malagasy service reserves the right to reject partially or totally s access to its services to people with questionable behavior. p. You have several means of payment offering maximum safety guarantees. Indeed, it does not directly collect your financial information, but using electronic payment systems as reliable and safe as paypal whose current fraud rate is less than 4%. q. You must first select your area of ​​residence (North America, Europe, ...) and then choose the payment method that suits you. r. Possible methods of payment are as follows: - By credit card: VISA- MASTER CARD - AMERICAN EXPRESS. DalPay Retail is the authorized reseller of the products and services provided by Malagasy service. DalPay accept Visa, Delta, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and American Express. " - By cash (in Euro, Canadian Dollar, and US Dollar ariary). Please note that no deliveries will be made until the order has not been fully paid. Our guarantee delivery in 24 business hours (a longer period is expected for orders outside of Antananarivo) in Madagascar therefore applies from the moment you have fully charged your payment. For products s Importacion (which are not manufactured in Madagascar, a period s 30 working days can arrive. s. Payment by cash must be done with s one of our partners covering your place of residence. This information is available in the "Contact Us" website 4 Prices: t. Sale prices are in Euros, Canadian Dollar, US Dollar and ariary. The exchange rates between these currencies have been established taking into consideration the real exchange rate. u. Prices may change at any time. The selling price set for the buying a product corresponds to that seen online at s recording of the order on the website (except typographical error). v. Any costs of delivery are the customer and are charged in addition to the sale price. w. The customer will always be informed before s final registration of the order of all the costs relating to the said order and which are not included in the sale price, and payment will be requested from the customer for the total amount of purchase. Thus, the confirmation s ordering payment agreement by the customer implies that the latter agrees to pay all costs associated with the order mentioned therein. No fee may therefore constitute a valid reason for questioning the order after its final recording. 5- The terms of delivery: x. Offers will be delivered to Antananarivo Madagascar at Lot 516 Cité Ampefiloha If the client has specified a delivery request for a fee, it will be in destination address specified by the customer at the time s purchase. It will be carried by a carrier. It may not be made that once the order validated by the customer and payment made in full. The payment centers involved having given their prior payment agreement. In case of refusal, the order will be canceled. there. If absence of the customer during the delivery, a notice will be left at home s calling to collect his parcel to the office of Malagasy service Madagascar. z. The delivery will be deemed made on the date of the first presentation of the goods s shipping address provided by the customer when ordering. The delivery of the goods will be against client signed receiver s a delivery. aa. For other areas outside the city center of Antananarivo, Malagasy service book in all areas served by the Malagasy post and Taxi Brousse. The good will be available in the nearest post office to his home "the recipient will receive a mandate and will have to appear in most post office near his home" and products in the bush taxi stations . In all cases, Malagasy service of representatives are responsible to contact the recipient to inform of the availability of control and different arrangements necessary for the recovery of the said order. ab. The recipient of the order has the obligation to verify the conformity of the goods delivered at the time of delivery before signing the delivery note. ac. Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged package, broken product ...) must be indicated on the delivery form of "handwritten reserves", accompanied by the signature of the recipient. . ad. The customer who placed the order must send by mail, fax or email a letter outlining its claims Malagasy service. 6 - The Delivery time: ae. If ordered item is in stock and that payment was made in full, the deadline is 24 working hours (a longer period is expected for orders outside s Antananarivo) in Madagascar. af. The delivery will begin that from the full payment date of the order. ag. In case of force majeure or exceptional events (natural disaster, epidemic, strikes, etc.) delaying or prohibiting the delivery of goods, Malagasy service is relieved of all responsibility. ah. In all cases, delivery on time can intervene only if the customer is current on its obligations to Malagasy service. have. If unavailable from Malagasy service deliver by the deadline, it will be proposed to the customer a replacement product at a price equal to the purchase or reimbursement of purchase outright. 7 - Complaints: aj. The customer must make to Malagasy service same day delivery or later than the first business day after delivery, any claim s error of delivery and or nonconformity. Any claim made after this time will be rejected. The claim should be sent to Malagasy service as mentioned in the "Contact Us" website. ak. The formulation of this claim with Malagasy service will be made by email to or by filling the form fields in the "Contact Us" al. Any claim not made in the rules defined above and within the time limits could not be taken into account and release Malagasy service any customer vis-à-vis. 8 - Retention of title and responsibility: Am. Malagasy service remains owner offers s full payment by the customer. The transfer of ownership s due upon full payment. However, during the period between the delivery and transfer of ownership, the risk of loss, theft or destruction is the customer. year. L non-performance by the customer of its payment obligations, for any reason whatsoever, gives Malagasy service right s demand the immediate return of the order delivered to the expense, risk and peril of the customer (any possible reclamation Articles will be at the customer). 9 - Billing: ao. A detailed invoice will be sent by e-mail 10- The rights s access and correction: ap. Malagasy service is committed to protecting the privacy of the customer placing an order on its website and processes information on the strictest confidentiality. When s purchase made by the customer, only requested the necessary information (name, address, e-mail, etc ...) for quality treatment and careful monitoring of the order. These online data entered is stored on a secure server and are immediately encrypted. The information obtained can not be used unless the customer agreement. The only exception to this may occur in case of suspicion of laundering money or financing of terrorist activity. Malagasy service will thus be obliged to send the information to the competent authorities. ar. The client has right s access, modify, rectify and delete personal data. 11- Jurisdiction: Any dispute regarding these Terms of Use will be submitted to the competent authorities in United Kingdom.